Hi there!  My name is Robyn Wyvill and I have been running a private piano studio in the Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo since 1991 with students ranging from the age of five through to adult.

When I had piano lessons, I was only taught the traditional way (a bunch of scales and exam pieces) so it was my intention to inspire my own students to open up to their own musical journey.  I take a different approach to the old traditional teaching by making my lessons colourful by encouraging students to explore composition, improvisation, choose pieces they really want to play (eg. Musical theatre, pop, and exam pieces if they wish).

I encourage them to discover the direction they want to head in whether it be playing for enjoyment or for exams.  My students perform confidently, compose their own music and achieve great exam results.

  • I provide valuable piano lessons that are fun, motivating and inspiring.
  • I provide piano lessons that focus not only on learning necessary skills but also enjoying music and building an appreciation for it.
  • I continue to research and attend professional development to ensure my lessons are always up to date and motivational.
  • My program continues to tailor to each individual student’s needs.
  • I’m leaving the “traditional piano lessons” behind to move on to a lesson that doesn’t make the child feel under pressure to satisfy the teacher.